FinanciallyWise’s Brittney Castro On What We Talk About When We Talk About Money


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Brittney Castro, CEO and founder of Financially Wise, has become a sought-after advisor for her ability to listen.

The ability to meet people where they are, and hear their concerns, fears or hopes for their financial futures, requires not a list of to-dos and finger-wagging about budgeting, Castro tells our Nic Harcourt in the interview above, but understanding why someone is feeling the way they are and hearing them.

Watch as Brittney and Nic talk about how couples can handle uncomfortable conversations around money (though she’s not a therapist!), her experience in building her own business, how she’s different than other advisors, and what’s on her Spotify playlist these days.

You can also catch Britney weighing in on how she’s mastered digital marketing as an advisor at our Spark Disruptors conference here.