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Jim Wiandt

Keeper of Clear Vision

Jim Wiandt, Keeper of Clear VisionJim Wiandt is a pioneer in the world of Exchange Traded Funds, a published author and entrepreneur. Wiandt is the founder of ETF.com and from 2002-2015 also published the Journal of Indexes, ETF Report and IndexUniverse.com. Alongside of this, he created the successful series of ‘Inside ETF’s’ conferences, which are the largest ETF-focused events in the world.

In 2015-2016, ETF.com sold its data business to FactSet, its events business to Informa and its publications to the CBOE.

Wiandt is the author of the Jon Wiley & Sons book, Exchange Traded Funds.

He currently sits on the board of directors of Granite Shares, Brella, and Fuzzy Logix, and is an investor in and/or advisor to HAN ETFs, Ethic Investing, Alaia Capital and Say Technologies.

Jim is also the Chief Executive Officer of Spark, which he founded in 2019.  He has lived in San Sebastian, Spain with his wife and two children for most of the last 20 years.

Conor Ó Haonghusa

Keeper of Contagious Passion

Conor Ó hAonghusa, Keeper of Contagious Passion

Conor Ó hAonghusa is an entrepreneur who has spent over 20 years working in business development internationally. Conor spent 20 years in the premium spirits sector, living in Eastern Europe, South America and the US. Following his work in the premium spirits sector, he joined the growing ETF industry where he was the Head of Audience Development for ETF.com and the Inside ETFs conferences and additionally was Head of Business Development at Jobs in ETFs.

Conor was born shy and stayed that way for years. When he came out of his shell Conor realized that he had the gift of contagious passion and a kick-ass can do attitude – useful stuff actually. He has always wanted to help change the world in some small way and Spark Network is his opportunity to do just that. Connor lives in San Sebastian where his medicine is a year-round daily ocean swim, travel permitting.


Von Raees

Keeper of Class

Von Raees, Keeper of Class

Von Raees Entrepreneur, Strategist, Philanthropist. Von is involved in several industries and organizations in the United States and abroad. His most recent venture has been to provide C suite for hire services for LGBTQ Loyalty Holdings, Inc. The project successfully created and launched an LGBTQ Preference Index and a corresponding ETF.

Additionally, he is the founder and President of Beacon Media, Inc. and HLR Media, LLC., which collectively publish 28 community newspapers and magazines throughout Southern California, in print and digital formats. Other business ventures have included software development, specializing in the creation of an Artificial Intelligent Recommendation Engine for the food and beverage industry, a chain of printing companies, a merchant processing ISO with Wells Fargo and First Data, franchise restaurant ownership and management, among others. As a business manager and media consultant, Von has successfully negotiated and completed book, movie and television agreements for select clients.


Corey Stanton

Keeper of Cool

Corey Stanton,  Keeper of Cool

Corey Stanton started his journey in the ESG space tackling social governance and investor communications issues as Brand Director at Say Technologies. During his time at Say Technologies, Corey met Jim Wiandt, who was an early advisor to the business. They connected over a shared interest in the culture of the ESG space and creating impactful events.

Corey attended Columbia University studying Economics and Visual Arts and has an extensive background in commercial and documentary film production.

He spends his time between New York City and anywhere else he can find that has a climate suitable for skiing.


Imogen Rose-Smith

Keeper of Values

Imogen Rose-Smith, Keeper of Values

Imogen Rose-Smith is an award-winning with over 15 years’ experience covering institutional asset management and investment. She was most recently a 2017 – 2019 investment fellow with the Office of the Chief Investment Officer, University of California Regents, where she helped advise the $120 billion investment plan on ESG and sustainability issues.

Imogen has been working in sustainable investment for over a decade. She is known as “loveable curmudgeon” on Impact Alpha’s Returns on Investment podcast and is co-chair of the Impact Investment committee of High Water Women. She is co-founder of a diversity focused investment and advisor business, and helped spearhead the Maui Investment Project, an effort to bring interest aligned capital into Maui, Hawaii.

Imogen lives in Brooklyn, NY and Orient, NY with her husband and their two dogs. She loves smart people with good ideas and interesting stories. Hates many things. Misses horse riding. Currently working on her sourdough starter.


About Us


Driving positive impact to the wider world and helping to facilitate inspired thinking that leads to positive disruption.

Our goal is

To sit at the center of an ecosystem of individuals, companies and communities whose driving ethos is to raise the bar for humanity and strive for a better world.

Spark will be

A group of publications, research and events that build and strengthen the impact-focused community, as well as work through media to promote and grow businesses that align with Spark’s impact-focused goals.


Spark has a single north that guides us on everything we do:
To work for maximum positive impact in the wider world.
We believe that the best way to do that is through business at scale.
Spark Network’s goal is to sit at the center of an ecosystem of individuals, companies and communities whose driving ethos is to raise the bar for humanity and strive for a better world.


The idea for Spark comes from thinking outside our own biases and the echo chamber of our networks.
Catharsis often arises from thinking about things in a completely different way.

Spark aims to connect great thinkers from different disciplines to take us out of our comfort zone to a place where creative destruction leads to better solutions.
That is the essence of Spark.

Underpinning everything that we do is aspiration for a better world. We seek to promote disruptive innovation, values in business and better solutions through increased shareholder engagements, greater efficiencies, a more sustainable planet, a healthier population and better accountability.

What makes us different

Spark Network is unique in the clarity of its vision, which is driven by maximum impact in the wider world, the ability to identify and connect the most substantive and impactful leaders in ways that facilitate sparks to more creative solutions.

We are committed to building strong communities of like-minded and action-oriented stakeholders who share our values.


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Meet The Scientists,
The Artists,
Community Leaders,
The Chefs,
The Educators,
The Investors
and The Innovators
Who are Spark.

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Meet The Scientists, The Artists, Community Leaders, The Chefs, The Educators, The Investors and The Innovators Who are Spark.