Dreading Making the Digital Marketing Leap? These Advisors Have Some Advice


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As more advisors move into the marketing and content world, it can be overwhelming to know where to start, what the absolutely perfect SEO-optimized headline is, and how to keep going when you know, at first, you might be speaking into the ether.

Watch as moderator Jason Wenk, of Altruist, talks to four leaders in the financial advising space who have mastered digital marketing and have put their own spin on how they scale.

Speakers on the panel, from the Spark Disruptors conference on 11/11/20, include Jacob Ingram, Defiance Analytics; Justin Castelli, RLS Wealth Management; Samantha Russell, Twenty Over Ten, and Brittney Castro, Financially Wise.

Watch as Castro and Castelli, particularly, stress the importance of simply getting started, not trying to game any algorithms, and focusing instead on making content that is authentic, or what you or your clients might want to read, and to grow from there.

To see more clips from Spark Disruptors head to Sparknetwork.com