Tyrone Ross Jr. On the Year In Purpose


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Forget best-of lists, Tyrone Ross Jr. is looking at 2020 through the lens of “purpose.” In a year that seemingly magically revealed racism and social injustice to white people, systemic oppression and injustice has been painfully front and center for so many Black Americans, people of color, and the poor for centuries. “Purpose” is something many have grappled with as they vow to do better, be better, and break the cycle of white supremacy permeating all aspects of our culture. What, however, did that actually look like this year? And what needs to continue to change? Watch Ross break it down.

Tyrone Ross Jr. is the CEO of Onramp Invest and Director of Community at Altruist, where he hosts the Human Advisor Podcast. He’s joining the Spark family in 2021 as a weekly contributor.

For Spark, Ross will be covering the worlds of investment, financial advising, and cryptocurrency, as well as financial inequity and the underbanking of poor Americans, so many of whom are people of color.

If you haven’t seen Ross’s recent keynotes from our Spark Disruptors Conference on the true definition of “community building”—that favorite buzz phrase of philanthropy and diversity initiatives—give them a watch. They’re required viewing for anyone who is serious about change and having a purpose bigger than simply taking for yourself in 2021.