Fantastic Negrito and Tyrone Ross Jr.: There Are No Greater Victims of White Supremacy Than Poor White People


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Following their powerful Spark Disruptors keynote on what it actually takes for people of means to be involved in their communities, Grammy-award winning Fantastic Negtiro and Onramp Invest CEO Tyrone Ross Jr. took audience questions, speaking in conversation with moderator Nic Harcourt and Spark’s Jim Wiandt.

Fantastic Negrito made this observation: That the biggest victims of white supremacy are not necessarily Black Americans or minorities, but poor white people, who have been “pimped out” and prayed on by the false sense of power racism and white privilege gives them. He argues they’ve been just as hurt just as badly by an economic system not designed to help the working poor in America, no matter their skin color.

You can watch the full conversation here and watch the original keynote here.

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