Zach Stafford, Award-winning Journalist and Producer: A Slice of His Life – A Story in the Making.


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Zach Stafford is an award-winning journalist, Tony Award-winning Broadway producer for the play A Strange Loop, Podcaster, and currently columnist for MSNBC. Zach combines his lived experience as a black gay man with superb reporting and storytelling skills to provide a voice that’s uniquely his. He’s the former editor in chief of The Advocate, and his work has appeared in everything from The Guardian and the New York Times to the BBC and The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. One of his more recent endeavors is as an advisory board member for Colorful Capital, which seeks to bring capital and support to enterprises, founded and led by members of the broad LGBTQ+ community. He is also the co-editor of the book Boys, An Anthology, the co-author of the book When Dogs Heal, and the executive producer of the documentary BOYSTOWN.

On this episode of Outside In, Zach talks with Jon about finding underdogs, failing and winning (failure is where real knowledge is gained), thinking outside the box and why a good story never dies. They also discuss “border walkers”, stepping into a room where you’re not comfortable to see what you learn and supporting enterprises founded and led by members of the broad LGBTQ+ community.

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