The Truth About Crypto ETFs


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Spark CEO Jim Wiandt’s monthly podcast Pennies from Heaven features pointed insights and lively debate with some of the key players in the crypto ETF space. The latest episode, out now, features the best discussion on the controversial new crypto ETFs and the regulatory environment surrounding them that we have heard yet. (We’re biased, sure, but you’ll want to hear it.) This is a lively roundtable discussion moderated by the leading reporter in ETFland, Eric Balchunas of Bloomberg, together with Simeon Hyman Head of Investment Strategies at ProShares who launched the first futures-based crypto ETF and Leah Wald, CEO of Valkyrie who launched the second. Edelman Financial Engines founder Ric Edelman weighs in with strong thoughts from the advisor investor perspective and Bitwise CEO Matt Hougan makes the case for further innovation. The podcast touches on the structural, trading, and regulatory nuances of crypto ETFs, as well as the strong appeal and seemingly long road ahead for the launch of a spot bitcoin ETF. Listen below on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you get your shows.