Olympic and World Champion figure skater and now broadcaster Tara Lipinski, talks about her heroes and mentors in her iceskating and television careers, her opinions on Russian cheating in the sport, and shares the music soundtrack of her life.


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Tara Lipinski is the 1997 world champion and 1998 Olympic champion in women’s singles figure skating. She was the first woman to complete a triple loop, triple loop combination jump in front of judges, and when she turned professional, she won every competition she entered during her professional skating career. Her second career as a broadcast commentator and tv host began when she joined NBC, teaming up with commentator Terry Gannon and her now good friend Johnny Weir, she bought a bright, fresh, fun, and accessible approach to figure skating commentary that she has now expanded into a larger role as an analyst for both the winter and summer Olympics. In her conversation here with Nic, Tara talks about her admiration and respect for Kristi Yamaguchi and Scott Hamilton, transitioning into her broadcast career with Johnny Weir, and shares her opinion on the seemingly endless ways Russia finds to cheat in the sport, most recently in the Beijing Winter Olympics. Tara also talks about the music that has played a central part in her life. From winning medals skating to the soundtrack of the animated movie ‘Anastasia’ to the songs of Stevie Nicks, Bob Seger, NSYNC, Motown and her favorite artist of all time, Dave Mathews Band.

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