Steve Kilbey talks about playing in cover bands before forming and finding international success with The Church. A life derailed by a brutal heroin addiction, and the music of his life including his favorite song The Beatles’ ‘Strawberry Fields’


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Steve Kilby, singer, songwriter and bass player for the legendary Australian band, The Church, has amassed an impressive body of work with over 1000 original songs registered with the Australasian Performing Rights Association. The Church have released 25 studio albums, their most recent ‘The Hypnogogue’ arriving in February 2023. Their 1989 single ‘Under The Milky Way’ was a massive hit around the world and is still a favorite of film and television music supervisors.

Steve’s solo career has also been prolific with 17 albums and countless collaborations. He’s also a published author with three books. A collection of his paintings have been released as a tarot deck called ‘The Tarot of the Time Being’

The Church have gone through several personnel changes over the years with various members coming and going, coming and going again, and today’s lineup finds Steve, up front as always, and at the time of this conversation, touring the US.

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