Sarah Bloom Raskin: The State of Economics Today, Climate Risk, Grief, and the Power of Love.Jeffrey Cruttenden, Cofounder at Say and Acorns: Simplifying Investing, Empowering Shareholders and Backing the Ambitious FinTech Founders Shaping the Future of Financial Services.


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Sarah Bloom Raskin is the Colin W. Brown Distinguished Professor of the Practice of Law at Duke University Law School. She has served as Deputy Secretary of the Treasury for the United States, the second highest official in that cabinet department under President Obama. As Deputy Secretary, she focused on the resilience of the country’s critical financial infrastructure and elevated cybersecurity to the level of providence it has today.

Professor Raskin also served as a member of the Federal Reserve under then chair Ben Bernanke, where she helped set monetary policy as a member of the Open Market Committee and oversaw the nation’s payment system. Finally, she was Maryland’s Commissioner of Financial Regulation during the global financial crisis.

In all those positions, she brought a strong public policy perspective, which included consumer protection, economic justice, diversity and inclusion, and public service excellence. In other words, she sees the role of the financial system as serving society rather than being the master of it.

On this episode of Outside In Sarah talks with Jon about the state of economics today, how climate risk has become falsely controversial in the U.S. and the importance of asking the right questions. She talks about how businesses and households build a capacity for ruggedization and making policy tools for a changed earth. Sarah talks openly about loss, grief and the power of love.

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