Podcast Premiere! Nic Harcourt’s “The Sound of Success” – Episode 1 with Barry Ritholtz


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Everyone needs music in their lives—even the buttoned-up finance world. Spark’s Nic Harcourt, a radio legend who has launched the careers of artists including Cold Play, the Arctic Monkeys, and Adele, sets his sights on the business world with his new podcast for Spark, “The Sound of Success.”

Business, tech and finance leaders are interviewed about the songs, bands, and concerts that have influenced their lives from childhood to now. What are the tracks they return to over and over, and what new artists have they embraced in recent years? Would they be the person they are today without this music? With “The Sound of Success,” Harcourt turns his legendarily expansive knowledge of music to host fascinatingly revealing and relatable interviews about the artists and sounds that have meant the most to the people who shape finance.

Episode 1 is out today and features Barry Ritholtz of Ritholtz Wealth Management talking to Nic about the first album he brought with his own money, taping “Brandy” by Looking Glass off the radio when he was in elementary school, and seeing Black Sabbath at the Garden. Rock!

Stay tuned for weekly episodes from Nic, with upcoming guests including Bob Pisani of CNBC and Vanity Fair‘s Bethany McLean.