Paul Clements-Hunt on Coining ESG, Chasing the Dragon and Rescuing the Future.


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Paul Clements-Hunt invented what might be Investing’s most controversial three letters – ESG. He literally invented the phrase in a Geneva office building nearly 20 years ago.

Paul ran UNEP FI, the United Nation’s signature program for financial institutions. He helped create and then was a founding board member of the Principles for Responsible Investing, which today is backed by more than 4500 investment institutions with about $US125 trillion in assets under management.

He was a journalist in the UK, even doing time at the tabloid flagship, the Sun. He founded an environmental advisory firm in Bangkok, worked for the International Chamber of Congress in Paris, and was a senior advisor to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Since 2012, he has built The Blended Capital Group, which is a key behind the scenes player in many joint government business investor collaborations. These are for-profit ventures that also benefit tens of thousands or even millions of people. For example, in Brazil at the edge of the Amazon, Blended Capital provides affordable credit to off the grid farming, fishing, and mining communities, as well as the basics to empower and enrich them.

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