Journalist, Television anchor and producer Soledad O’Brien discusses the damage that has been wrought on local news, her podcast on finance, and her love of Anita Baker, Luther Vandross and shh.. Duran Duran.


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From her early days in radio and local television to high profile anchor gigs at NBC and CNN, and more recently hosting and producing her own syndicated weekly talk show ‘Matter of Fact’ Soledad O’Brien has covered live breaking news, Presidential elections and Hurricanes. She has also produced and hosted documentaries on the experiences of Black and Latino families in America, and co-hosts a podcast ‘Everyday Wealth’ covering personal finance. Her musical tastes range from Soft Cell and New Edition to Anita Baker, Patty Larkin and Tracy Chapman. Soledad also remembers singing Whitney Houston songs into her teenage hairbrush and shares guilty pleasures Duran Duran and Taylor Swift, the latter artist also being someone she finds “so thoughtful and intelligent”, a sentiment I fully agree with!

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