Josh Zinner, CEO at ICCR: Understanding What ICCR is Bringing to Bear in Today’s Capital Markets and in their Interaction with Society in General.


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As ICCR’s Chief Executive Officer since January 2016, Josh Zinner oversees programs and operations for the organization, and is the lead external organizational representative. Josh has more than 25 years’ experience as a non-profit leader, coalition-builder and policy advocate. Josh is also a long-time public interest lawyer who has spent his career working to promote social and economic justice and corporate accountability. For the eight years prior to coming to ICCR, Josh co-directed the New Economy Project, an organization that works with community groups on economic justice issues and is at the forefront both locally and nationally in the fight against discriminatory financial practices.

On this episode of Outside In, Josh talks with Jon about shareholder advocacy, ethical values and financial value, systemic risk and universal ownership. Jon and Josh discuss how transparency and disclosure is still critical but why ICCR is looking more and more for companies to put in place principles and governance mechanisms to align their political spending and their lobbying with their stated core values.

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