Jennifer Taub, Law Professor & Author: Following Dirty Money.


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Jennifer Taub is Professor of Law at Western New England University School of Law, but is perhaps better known for her book, ‘Big Dirty Money: the Shocking Injustice and Unseen Cost of White Collar Crime’, and for her media appearances analyzing corporate governance, white collar crime, and banking and financial market regulation issues. Jennifer is a vigorous legal scholar and researcher with a myriad of peer reviewed articles to her credit. Her first book, ‘Other People’s Houses: How Decades of Bailouts, Captive Regulators, and Toxic Bankers Made Home Mortgages a Thrilling Business’, followed the financial crisis, and was called a must read by no less an expert than Neil Barofsky, the Inspector General of TARP, the government’s main program that prevented a general financial system collapse.

Jennifer’s research is methodical, but anything but dispassionate. To read Big Dirty Money is to become angry. To quote one review “Be prepared to blow your top. It’s likely that you’d be familiar with most, if not all of the crimes that Taub details, but having them all in one place is like eating a plate full of habaneros. You’ll get red face bug-eyed, sputtering, and pretty righteously hot under the collar”.

On this episode of Outside In, Jennifer talks with Jon about how big a problem white collar crime is in the US, the class based legal system and why she wants student loan forgiveness.

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