Grace Potter’s first instrument was piano (her mom taught piano). Before she made money from her music she installed sheet rock and painted houses. Ace of Base are her musical guilty pleasure and Esquivel’s Mucha Muchacha is her dance jam.


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Beginning with her debut album ‘Red Shoe Rebel’ in 2002, Singer-songwriter and musician Grace Potter has released 5 albums under her own name, and another four with her band Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. At the time of this conversation in October of 2023, her most recent release ‘Mother Road’ finds Grace deconstructing her deepest fears and darkest regrets, charting the fallout with brutal honesty and emotional daring. Grace talks with Nic about the four cross country trips that inspired the songs on the album, her evolution as an artist, and dividing her time between her hometown of Waitsfield, Vermont and Topanga, California.