Fran Seegull of the U.S. Impact Investing Alliance: Systems Level Thinking and the Mainstreaming of Impact Investing.


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If you want to understand, learn about, or even rationally criticize impact investing, Fran Seegull is the person to know in the United States. Fran is president of the U. S. Impact Investing Alliance. She helped incubate the Alliance at the Ford Foundation where it is now chaired by Darren Walker.

Fran is also executive director of the Tipping Point Fund, a donor collaborative in the field. She was previously Chief Investment Officer at ImpactAssets. which includes The Giving Fund, now a $3 billion impact investing donor-advised fund. She served on the G7 Working Group on Asset Allocation, worked for PwC, and taught at the USC Business School, where her course was named the best graduate level elective course at the school.

Fran has an MBA from Harvard, but somehow she’s managed to stay grounded and be a problem solver in the real world. Fran is smart, funny, realistic, high powered, and the person to know if you want to know anything about impact investing.

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