Chris Pinney of High Meadows Institute: Renegotiating the Social Contract – Implications for Business.


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Chris Pinney, is President and CEO of High Meadows Institute. Chris analyzes and writes about the role of business in today’s world and in tomorrow’s. While most of us accept our daily interactions with companies like Google and JPMorgan Chase, Chris thinks about the fact that these firms and many others have more impact on our day to day lives than government. He then analyzes the implications both for those businesses and for society.

Prior to High Meadows, Chris held a string of positions where he also looked at business and business leadership from a variety of angles. He was president of the Boston-based Alliance for Business Leadership, a Senior Fellow at the Aspen Institute Business and Society Program, Director of Research and Policy and Executive Education at the Boston College Carroll School of Management’s Center for Corporate Citizenship, and Director of the Imagine Program, a Canadian initiative focused on business leadership.

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