Bruce Freed: Making Sense of Business, Politics, Government, and Money.


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Bruce has been trying to change how businesses spend money to affect elections and policies for 20 years. That seems particularly appropriate today, in mid-spring 2023, at a time when business is either, depending on your viewpoint, caught in a political crossfire or throwing fuel onto the bonfire of American political polarization or perhaps both.

Bruce is the founder and president of CPA, the Center for Political Accountability, the country’s leading resource for investors and businesses which want to engage with our democratic institutions responsibly. CPA has established best practices for disclosure, decision-making and board oversight of corporate political spending. With prospects close to nil for governmental action at the national level, this work is more important than ever.

Bruce also co-authored the Conference Board’s Handbook on Corporate Political Activity, and has been quoted or written op-eds for every place from the Harvard Business Review to the Financial Times, Washington Post and Reuters.

Prior to establishing CPA, Bruce spent more than a quarter century reporting on business, congress and politics for The Hill, The Wall Street Journal and others, and then actually helping to legislate as chief investigator for the Senate Banking Committee, staff director to a House subcommittee and as a congressional aide. In other words, when it comes to trying to make sense of business, politics, government, and money, there just is no one else as knowledgeable.

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