Barbara Novick, Co-founder and Former Vice Chairman at BlackRock, on Technology, the Politicization of Regulation and Markets, “The Goldilocks Dilemma” and Her Passion for Mentoring.


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Barbara Novick, Co-founder and former Vice Chairman of BlackRock, was one of the eight original partners who founded BlackRock and took it from an idea with zero assets under management to the largest investor in the world today. BlackRock has assets under management depending on the day you tune into this podcast of some $10 trillion or more.

And while Barbara would be the first to tell you that she had great teammates at BlackRock, the fact is that many of the factors which made BlackRock the success it is, reported to her. She headed the Global Client Group and oversaw global business development, marketing, and client service for the first two decades of BlackRock’s existence, She was the architect of the One BlackRock ethos that put clients first, front and center. Barbara tried to retire in 2008, but the global financial crisis caused her to reverse fields and create BlackRock’s Global Public Policy Group to provide a voice for investors. It’s incredibly influential, not just within the walls of Congress and with US regulators, but in the centers of government around the world.

For obvious reasons. Barbara frequently appears on the list of the most powerful people in finance, She is, as they say in Boston, wicked smart. More than that, she asks questions and she listens. The result is that she’s situationally aware of the environment she’s operating in and the direction and pace of change. That enables her to apply those smarts to the real world.

On this episode of Outside In, Barbara talks with Jon about diversification, technology, her passion for mentoring and focusing on opportunity. They also discuss the politicization of regulation and markets, and “The Goldilocks Dilemma”.

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