Barbara Brooks Kimmel: Investing in Trust – Building Better Businesses.Jennifer Taub, Law Professor & Author: Following Dirty Money.


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Barbara Brooks Kimmel is co-founder and CEO of Trust across America-Trust Around the World, a leading consultancy focused on helping leaders and teams build trust. A former McKinsey consultant, Barbara has developed a host of tools designed to not only build trust, but also to measure it so investors can profit from investing in the most trustworthy companies.

Barbara’s work on trust has been featured in the Harvard Business Review, Investor’s Business Daily, Thomson Reuters, BBC Radio, The Conference Board, Global Finance Magazine, Bank Director and Forbes, among others.

On this episode of Outside In Barbara talks with Jon about the different types of trust, how leaders can engender trust both internally and with stakeholders, why trustworthiness improves outcomes and her five indicators of trustworthy business behavior.

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