A Moral Puzzle, Emotion, Unpredictability: The Art of Storytelling with Alison MacAdam.


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As a producer and senior editor of NPRs “All Things Considered” for more than a decade, Alison helped shepherd that show’s coverage of one financial crisis, two wars and three presidential elections.

She then became NPR’s storytelling guru which meant she guided some of the best radio and podcast talents in the world to become better at narrative storytelling. Today she is a sought after freelance audio editor whose work could be heard on such in-depth journalistic podcast series as “The 13th Step”, which tells of how women seeking to overcome drug addiction routinely became victims of sexual abuse by the very residential treatment staff that were supposed to help them, and the podcast, “544 Days” about journalist Jason Rezaian’s imprisonment in an Iranian jail while international real politics swirled around his life or death situation.

Alison works behind the scenes, she’s rarely on mic but that hasn’t stopped her talent from shining through. She was awarded a Nieman fellowship at Harvard and “Believed”, the podcast she worked on about Larry Nassar, the former Olympics and college gymnastic coach who abused hundreds of young women, won the Peabody, duPont-Columbia, Scripps-Howard, and Dart awards.

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