Adam Barsky, New York Power Authority’s EVP and CFO: Making a Difference; Transforming New York.


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Adam Barsky is the New York Power Authority’s Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, he joined the Power Authority in 2019. He is an accomplished senior executive who brings more than 30 years of dedicated experience in management, finance and public policy.

Adam previously served as Chief of Staff and Special Counselor at the Port Authority of NY and NJ. Prior to that he served as Executive Vice President and Chief Risk Officer of IDB bank NY from 2006 to the 2017. In that senior role, he oversaw all aspects of risk management for the bank including credit, market and operational risk, and strategic and reputation risk.

Adam has held numerous positions in state and local government including Deputy Secretary to the Governor of New York for Public Authorities, Financing and Housing and New York City Issues.

Before that, he served as Budget Director and Chief Financial Officer of the City of New York and as Director of the Mayor’s Office of Operations. Adam also worked as Chairman of the New York City Employees Retirement System, Chairman of the New York City Transitional Finance Authority, and Chairman of the NYC Municipal Water Finance Authority, Acting Commissioner of the New York City Department of Finance, and Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer of the New York City Economic Development Corporation.

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