Where to Listen to All Your Favorite Spark Podcasts


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Click on your platform of choice to subscribe to new episodes of these Spark Network Podcasts.

Outside In with Jon Lukomnik

Well-known institutional investor and author Jon Lukomnik hosts Outside In, the interdisciplinary podcast for financial professionals who value different thinking. We interview fascinating people – from Shakespeare scholars to financial data scientists – to see what the financial community can learn from non-traditional sources and from traditional sources thinking in non-traditional ways. We’re breaking down the silos which too often surround the financial community. Come listen to the sounds of the walls collapsing.

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Pennies from Heaven with Jim Wiandt

Hosted by Jim Wiandt, founder of ETF.com and CEO of Spark Network, Pennies from Heaven is a podcast featuring choice insights and lively debate with all the biggest names in the ETF world and beyond. Join us each month to receive pennies from heaven, straight from the nattering nabobs of investment as they discuss hot button topics and what’s to come.

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The Sound of Success with Nic Harcourt

Fascinating folks of note, from writers and artists to business and tech leaders, are interviewed by well-known Los Angeles DJ Nic Harcourt about the songs, bands, and concerts that have influenced their lives from childhood to now. What are the tracks they return to over and over, and what new artists have they embraced in recent years? Would they be the person they are today without this music? With the Sound of Success, Harcourt turns his legendarily expansive knowledge of music to host revealing and relatable interviews about the artists and sounds that have meant the most to a wide range of people.

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Climate Talk with Gaby and Shaila

Gaby Herculano and Shaila Leekha, CEO and COO of green fintech iClima, interview an array of fascinating and influential people from all corners of the business and financial world about their solutions for creating a decarbonized planet and a climate habitable for all. Join them weekly as they push toward a greener future.

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