What Is Spark?


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Spark is an events company focused on creating virtual and live experiences for the finance, tech and environmental sectors.

Our roots are in the investing world. Spark CEO, Jim Wiandt, is the founder of the leading authority on exchange-traded funds, ETF.com, where he also reimagined their influential conference series “Inside ETFs.”

With Spark, we’ve widened our scope to include the arts world as well. We believe highlighting culture at our events is just as important as delivering the research, analysis and out-of-the-box opinions to inspire the original thinking, conversations, connection, and creative solutions that raise the bar for humanity.

Our events feature a signature curated lineup of musicians, chefs, and general envelope-pushers from a variety of backgrounds to help promote disruptive innovation, a more sustainable planet, as well as a healthier population and better accountability to the values of communities around the world.