Making Space for Outer Space in Your Portfolio: “It Touches Way More of Our Lives Than People Think”


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Outer Space has become the latest star shining on the investment frontier, as new tech, satellites and space exploration itself industrialize the earth’s surrounding atmosphere. It’s also shifting the industrial world at warp speed.

Moderator Meb Faber, of Cambria, talks to Lisa Rich of Hemisphere Ventures, Andrew Chanin of Procure AM and Sam Korus of ARK Investment Management about why space belongs in all investors’ portfolios. You can watch the full conversation from our Spark Disruptors Conference on 11/11/20 here, and catch a highlight clip above about the real opportunities for investors in this new and growing market.

It’s “Disruptors 2020 Innovation Week” on Spark! Stay tuned this Holiday Week as we look to the future and highlight panels on Space, tech, and everything new featured at our recent Spark Disruptors conference. Blast out of 2020 and into a new and, hopefully, brighter year. See more clips on