Erin Brockovich on Her New Book About the Alarming State of America’s Water System, “Superman Is Not Coming”


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Ahead of their keynote conversation at our Climate, Technology and the Investor conference on 3/23, Erin Brockovich talks to finance guru Barry Ritholtz about her new book, “Superman’s Not Coming: Our National Water Crisis and What We the People Can Do About.” The book, an impeccably researched and devastating look into America’s badly damaged water system, is available now.

Here she and Ritholtz give you a sneak peek of their upcoming panel, and Brockovich shares some of the alarming data around the chemicals poisoning Americans every day and our water crisis. “I have been out here watching the water crisis ever since I began my work in Hinkley [,California] not get better,” she tells Ritholtz, “but steadily get worse.”

Tune into our conference, free and open to all, on 3/23.

The event is centered on the latest developments in the climate tech space for the financial community and what advisors and curious investors should know about the opportunities to invest in sectors that will help slow the clock on climate change. RSVP here.