Spark Radio: Nic Harcourt’s Best New Music Playlist, Featuring Rina Mushonga, Adele + More


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It’s Friday, which means it’s time for Spark’s music expert and legendary L.A. radio DJ Nic Harcourt to weigh in on what new music he’s got on repeat at the moment. Below, he shares his newest picks added to his Spark Radio playlist and shares a spotlight on his favorite earworm of the week.


Adele: Easy On Me
Real Lies: Since I
Rina Mushonga: To Be The Birds
Hyd: The Look On Your Face
Alaska Reid: Always
Lone: Inlove2
Slack Times: Can’t Count On Anyone 
Stromae: Santé
Band Of Horses: Crutch
Bush Tetras: Mr Lovesong (Alternate Version)
Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit, John Paul White: Driver 8


Rina Mushonga: To Be The Birds

London based Dutch-Zimbabwean experimental artist Rina Mushonga is set to drop two singles this month with “To Be The Birds” as the first, and new on the playlist this week. “As the BLM movement gained momentum after the murder of George Floyd I have been reflecting on a lot of my own experiences as a woman of colour, this frustrating need to justify myself, constantly having to refocus the angles of yourself and claim yourself back from a world where someone else is manipulating the rules of engagement and gaslighting our experiences of exclusion and discrimination,” she writes. “‘To be the Birds’ is a reflection on aspects of this all. The song deals with the dichotomy of experiencing a perpetual injustice and at the same time needing to maintain an awareness that we are not alone, and that we are not the first. Powerful, inspiring warriors have battled before us – they pushed us this far, so that we in turn may carry their vision and that power into the future.”