Kin Euphorics CEO Jen Batchelor on How the Non-Alcoholic Beverage Biz Exploded


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Though many people have turned to food and an extra glass of wine to cope with the stress of the pandemic, there’s another camp of people who have decided to cut back or that their coping mechanisms were not sustainable or the best fit for them. Enter companies like Kin Euphorics, which was seemingly everywhere in 2020, turning up at socially-distanced picnics, Zoom birthdays, and all over your Instagram feed, as people realized we were going to likely be in this for another year.

Regardless, pre-pandemic, the global non-alcoholic drink market was taking off as more people have started adopting “sober-curious” lifestyles or giving up substances altogether as they try to keep up with work, small children, or their health The industry is estimated to reach $1.6 trillion by 2025.

Watch as Kin Euphorics CEO Jen Batchelor chats with our resident food and drink expert and chef Carolina Santos Neves about how Kin took off via its sleek packaging and unexpected menu of booze-free “mood-altering” concoctions, the sky-rocketing non-alcoholic market, and what’s ahead.