Preview Jon Lukomnik’s New Podcast, “Outside In”


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Stream the trailer for Outside In Season 1.

Shakespeare, Data Scientists, Investing Legends Combine To Create Innovative Podcast for the Financial Community

Spark Network has hired well-known investor Jon Lukomnik to host “Outside In,” the interdisciplinary podcast for financial professionals who value different thinking. (Stream the season 1 trailer above.) “We interview fascinating people – from Shakespeare scholars to financial data scientists – to see what the financial community can learn from non-traditional sources and from traditional sources thinking in non-traditional ways,” said Lukomnik.

The first five episodes indicate just how varied and intriguing the guests will be:

• Professor James Shapiro, the leading Shakespeare authority in the United States discusses the Bard and business. (Episode 1)

• Best-selling author Margalit Fox explains how two British officers could escape from a Turkish prisoner-of-war camp in WWI, and what investors can learn from it. (Episode 2)

• MSCI’s Global Head of ESG and Climate Product Governance, Howard Sherman, explains how investors use and misuse data and the current state of ESG. (Episode 3)

• Zach Schonbron, sportswriter and The Week’s senior editor for business and technology, compares elite performance in professional sports and business. (Episode 4)

• Corporate governance icon, movie reviewer and publisher Nell Minow reflects on how the relationship between investors and the businesses in which they invest has changed… and what still needs work. (Episode 5)

“At Spark, we value insight enlightens the financial community,” noted Jim Wiandt, Spark’s founder. “Jon has both intellectual curiosity the financial chops, having served as a trustee or investment advisor for more than $100 billion, and having advised institutional investors with more than $1 trillion in assets.”

The first episode of “Outside In”, featuring Professor Shapiro, will be posted on Tuesday, September 28, and will be available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, and other podcast platforms.

“Outside In” is produced by Elizabeth Thompson. Spark Network is a high-touch content company connecting newsmakers and thinkers to the financial community both virtually and in real life.

Lukomnik’s latest book, “Modernizing Modern Portfolio Theory: Investing That Matters” (Routledge, 2021, co-authored with James Hawley) has been called “deft”. “articulate”. “a takedown of modern portfolio theory”, and “a great read”.