Are Cars Actually a Good Investment? The Case for Collectibles.


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Barry Ritholtz, of Ritholtz Wealth Management, talks to tech platform Rally Rd.’s Rob Petrozzo about rare cars as ‘collectible assets’ vs. something that is just for fun.

This topic is recently much-debated in investment—as Ritholtz says above “cars are for driving, sneakers are for wearing.” But as Petrozzo and companies like Rally Rd. believe, there is value in things that “elicit a great emotional response, ” like cars, fine art, and rare books.

On Rally Rd. particularly, these items, long the calling cards of wealthy collectors, are now available to retail investors for as little as $25 a share. Opening up the idea of who, and for who, these collectibles can be of value.

Watch Ritholtz talk shop about what that means for curious investors who are on the fence about this side of investing with Petrozzo above. You can watch their full conversation here.

This talk was featured as a panel at our Spark Disruptors conference, held on 11/11/20.