Michael Mann on His Book “The New Climate War” and the Biggest Fossil Fuel Disinformation Out There


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Watch professor and author Michael Mann talk to Blair Palese, of Climate and Capital Media discuss Mann’s recent book, The New Climate War: The Fight To Take Back Our Planet, ahead of their panels at our Climate, Technology and the Investor conference on 3/23. The event is centered on the latest developments in the climate tech space for the financial community and what advisors and investors should know.

Here, Mann discusses our ability to start reducing emissions and renewable energy solutions with the technology we currently have now, as opposed to in the future. He also discusses the biggest disinformation campaigns being waged by the fossil fuel industry at the moment, including the gravest mistruth: that it’s too late to put a specific dent in climate change.

At the conference, you can catch Palese and Mann on their panel, “How to Tell What’s Real from the B.S. in the new Climate Economy,” along with Morningstar’s head of sustainability research for the America’s Jon Hale and Bank FWD’ executive director Vanessa Fajans-Turner.

Following, there will be a virtual book party with Mann and fellow conference panelist and author Erin Brockovich. Register, and attend for free, here.