“The Largest Economic Transition Civilization Has Ever Undergone:” Bill McKibben On the End of Climate Denial


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Ahead of our Spark Disruptors Conference on 3/23: Climate, Technology and the Investor, Blair Palese, Climate and Capital Media editor, speaks with our upcoming keynote speaker, author, New Yorker contributor and environmentalist, Bill McKibben.

Palese and McKibben will be joined on the 23rd by State Street Global Advisors Vice President and Head of Practice Management Brie Williams for their panel, “The Fiduciary and Moral Responsibility to Address Climate.”

Though, in this preview interview, McKibben says he believes overt climate denial “got on the plane to Florida with Donald Trump and is not coming back,” we’re nonetheless facing the formidable challenge of undergoing “the largest economic transformation human civilization” has ever experienced by wresting our economy from fossil fuels.

This will not only require the government action many are waiting for President Biden to make good on, but it will also call hugely on the finance community to redirect capital to the cheaper and better alternatives to fossil fuels— the worst-performing part of our economy in the last 10 years. McKibben reminds us too that the Regan-era free-market capitalism of the ’80s that rewards short-term profits simply doesn’t work for the planet. We need only look at the melted arctic for proof.

On a broken planet, McKibben says, “everything goes to zero,” including the economy.

Register to attend this event for free, which is open to all, at Sparknetwork.com and catch McKibenne’s keynote with Williams and Palese at 1:05 PM EST.