Why Cathie Wood Is Growth Investing Or Bust


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Value investing vs. growth investing? It’s a question that has long split the finance world – is it better to invest in lower-risk stocks from more well-established companies as value investors do, or, is growth investing, which looks at the potential of a stock’s future outperformance, going to bring in higher returns?

Well, folks, we’re still debating this. We here at Spark, however, asked the two biggest people in their spaces right now — Cathie Wood of ARK Investment Management, which focuses specifically on disruptive and innovative markets and companies like space, cryptocurrency, and Tesla — and value investing guru Rob Arnott of global asset manager Research Affiliates — to break down why considering growth is the way to invest, and why considering value is the way to invest.

You can watch all of Arnott and Wood’s fascinating discussion here. Above, Wood talks about the trap of value investing. We’ll be back tomorrow with Arnott’s defense.

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