Futurist Jim Lee on the Newsletter Boom


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Much the way Substack is the new frontier of publishing, furtist Jim Lee of StraFi has disrupted the financial advising industry and better connected to clients by writing his own weekly newsletter.

And, though some reading this might wonder if people truly want another email clogging their inbox up, when it comes to financial advice, research shows that 75% of clients absolutely want to hear from their advisors with personalized outreach regularly.

Watch as Lee talks to Mike Venuto of Toroso Investments about how advisors can best get the attention of clients and peers through regular sends.

As he says, the more you can put your own branding and style on it, the better. ““You’ll only find success when you stop being normal, ” Lee tells the panel. “You’ve got to be you.”  

This panel was part of Spark’s Spark Disruptors Conference, held on 11/11/20. To see more highlights from the virtual event, go to Sparknetwork.com.