Got Chili Oil? Here’s a Work-from-Home Lunch to Up Your Game with Chef Mike Lee


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Almost a year into the pandemic, some of us have had to navigate what working from home, or not working, has done to our diets.

And what to do about lunch, too? Some of us keep that mid-day meal minimal, while others place high importance on it and need it as a way to break up the afternoon.

No matter what lunch represents in your work-from-home life, Spark contributor and American Bar chef Caro Santos Neves feels your pain, and she’s cooking up a very special lunch in this video with Mike Lee of Alpha Food Labs, who even cooks from a desk to show you how easy it is to do next to your computer. (With caution.)

Check it out above and stay tuned for more videos with Caro for how to whip -up deliciousness at home.