What New Tech Is Changing the Game for Financial Advisors? Dasarte Yarnway Has Some Ideas


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As moderator Mike Venuto, from Toroso Investments points out in this highlight from our panel “Talking Advisor Disruption Over Coffee,” featured at our recent Spark Disruptors conference, advisors are famously tech-adverse.

Not Dasarte Yarnway, of Berknell Financial Group and host of the Young Money podcast. He especially recommends staying connected to clients via the nascent community platform Circle, and believes that being digital-first as an advisor is what is setting him and Berknell apart.

Watch the full panel, featuring advisors Nina O’Neal, Taylor Schulte and futurist Jim Lee, here.

It’s “Wake-Up Week” on Sparknetwork.com, in which we’re highlighting panels from our recent Spark Disruptors Conference about needed change, rule-breakers, and people doing meaningful things to challenge the status quo. Wake yourself up with more clips at Sparknework.com.