Green Hydrogen, Climate Bonds and Other Big Clean Tech Investment Opportunities Right Now


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VC and corporate investment into climate technology grew at a faster rate — 5 times faster — than overall VC investment as a whole between 2013-2019, according to a recent PricewaterhouseCoopers report. We’re talking $60 billion in early-stage capital.

Gaby Herculano, of Clima, and Blair Palese, of Climate and Capital Media, talk to Spark’s Jim Wiandt about the future of this quickly growing world of tech solutions for the climate crisis, amid a wave of new startups committed to tackling the net-zero challenge. 

Here, Palese names the top 5 biggest investment opportunities she thinks we’ll be focused on in years to come. Watch the full discussion, recorded at our last Spark Disruptors event, here and stay tuned for our next Disruptors Conference, dedicated entirely to Climate Tech Investment, March 23rd. You can RSVP, and attend free, here.