Dear Aaron: I’m Perpetually 15 Minutes Late to Everything!


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You know them, maybe you’re even one of them: people who are always running late. In this latest installment of Aaron’s Mailbag, Dr. Aaron Turner of One Thought hears from a reader who just can’t seem to get to places on time. They also worry it’s starting to hurt their friendships.

Dear Aaron,
I am perpetually 15-20 minutes late for everything. It’s so embarrassing to admit and I feel like at 38 I should be able to manage my time better, but I just can’t. I look at the clock and think “I should leave now” and then I don’t. Instead, I answer an email or zone out on social media, or start doing something else. It’s starting to hurt my friendships and, if my partner wasn’t late all the time too, I think they’d be annoyed as well. How can I break myself of this bad habit? I feel like a mess.
Running Late

Watch Aaron’s surprising advice for this person who is always tardy for the party and how to use clarity of mind to talk about how we talk to ourselves and the expectations – and “bad” habits – they can create.

Artwork by Steve Powers