Financial Advisor Jess Bost On the Value of Courage


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Jess Bost has done things a little differently in her career, starting her work as an advisor at Consolidated Planning in Atlanta, Georgia, after first working as a Cross Fit star and personal trainer. No wonder, then that the thing she believes helps women stand out in their careers — and hold the door for other women — is courage.

Courage, which doesn’t necessarily require a lack of fear or utter confidence, is what helped Bost the most as she’s shifted careers to help people of all incomes meet their goals and dreams, what they need to change, and what to accept as not being in their control.

Above, Bost talks to Spark’s Nic Harcourt about courage, how she shows up for other women, and a difficult conversation she recently had with her daughter about who can and can’t be President. You can watch her full interview with Nic here.

Stay tuned for more of Harcourt’s interviews with advisors on in 2021.