The Most Exciting Developments In Climate Tech Right Now, According to Investment Experts


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Ahead of our Spark Disruptors: Climate, Technology & The Investor on March 23rd, we’re giving you a sneak peek of panels from the conference.

Watch as moderator Eric Balchunas of Bloomberg talks to Shaila Leekha of iClima Earth, Sean Kidney of Climate Bonds Initiative, Dan Barry, of SparkChange, Sylvia Jablonski of Defiance ETFs and Jay Lipman of Ethic Investing about what they’re most excited about in the climate tech space right now.

For Lipman, it’s all things sustainable agriculture, or as he puts it, “soil is the new oil.” For Leekha, it’s distributed regeneration or the way we consume energy, via solar panels or electric vehicles, for Barry it’s the price of carbon around the world driving incentivization, and Jablonski says it’s all about hydrogen.

Catch this panel on the 23rd to hear about climate tech investment opportunities. Register and attend for free, with admission open to all, here at