How to Tell What’s Real from the BS in the New Climate Economy – Spark Disruptors Climate Highlights


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While we work behind the scenes in our laboratory to edit and post all of the panels, keynotes and amazing music from our Spark Disruptors: Climate, Technology and the Investor conference on 3/23, we’re sharing sneak peeks of the day’s fascinating panel discussions.

Watch above as Climate and Capital Media editor Blair Palese talks with professor Michael Mann, author of The New Climate War, Morningstar Global Head of Sustainability Research Jon Hale, and BankFWD Executive Director Vanessa Fajans-Turner about how financial advisors and investors can tell what’s real from the BS in the new Climate Economy.

The four discuss how to decipher whats’s working and what isn’t in the climate solutions spaces and slowing the funneling of money to fossil fuels by the world’s biggest banks and financial institutions.