Why You Should Never Get In the Room and Then Sit There Quietly


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Tyrone Ross Jr., CEO of Onramp Invest, talks to Grammy-winning musician Fantastic Negrito and moderator Nic Harcourt about the responsibility of people to use their positions of power to educate their peers about where they can put their resources, time, and money. Because, as he says, “Harvard doesn’t need any more money.”

“I had to fight for this seat and I’m not even guaranteed this seat,” is the way Ross describes the difference between being born into money or handed a career that others may have had to start working toward as children, without the help of ivy league legacies or wealthy parents.

For those out there who do manage to break an elite job’s “class ceiling” as some researchers have called it, it may be tempting to hide your background to fit in with co-workers. Instead, Ross says here, leaning into your reality, your experience, and educating the people around you with the means to make a difference, might be one of the biggest and necessary benefits that come with cracking that ceiling in the first place.

This conversation was included as part of our “Spark Disruptors Conference” on 11/11/20.