My Boss Is Acting Like A Petulant Child!


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Here’s this week mailbag question from a manager whose boss is acting so unreasonable its affecting morale:

Hi Aaron, 
My boss has been increasingly agitated and combative in recent months toward me and the handful of employees I manage. He is antagonistic toward us, shoots down ideas consistently with no guidance or incoherent reasoning as to why, and lately, when my team shows excitement or enthusiasm about successful projects or wins they’ve had, he responds with sarcasm. I feel at times like I’m talking to a petulant child, and I’m tired of rallying the troops, who are feeling very dispirited. I want to confront him about morale being poor as a result of his behavior. I also know this is a bad idea, and my wife thinks I should just ride it out and dismiss this as a phase or a symptom of pandemic fatigue. How can I talk to him calmly, but also be in tune with my state of mind, so that I don’t explode in resentment and frustration? 
Over It and Uninspired

Watch as Aaron answers this question from the stance of how understanding your state of mind first, before confronting a co-worker, and, in this case, a boss, is essential before that conversation can be productive for you.