What Comes After Biden? It Has to be Accountability


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Just because Joe Biden is taking his oath as President on Wednesday, January 20th, doesn’t mean we return to “normal.” Because the ‘normal’ we were at before 2016, Onramp Invest CEO and Spark contributor Tyrone Ross Jr. argues here, is nowhere near where we need to be as a country.

“What we need is leadership,” says Ross in this video about the Capitol insurrection and what comes next in the coming four years once Biden takes office. What that means, he argues, is that Americans need to hold our government officials accountable to meet the needs of all people in this country, and so that those who feel so left behind and defeated by our leaders can finally be listened to. “It’s one thing for me to disagree with you,” Ross says, “but it’s another thing for me not to hear you.”

Watch as Ross describes what we can do to make our elected officials responsible for the change and progress we so badly need in America now.