Aaron Turner’s 3 Tips for Staying Sane in 2021


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We’re less than two weeks into 2021, and it feels like it’s already been two years. Here’s how to keep a sense of peace and sanity during a time in history that feels anything but, with Spark contributor and clarity of mind expert and One Thought founder Dr. Aaron Turner. 

The first thing you need to do, as Turner notes, is to start small and simply notice when uncomfortable feelings arise, whether it’s stress or unhappiness. When are you feeling unclear or triggered? Understanding when you’re in these states of discomfort, and trusting that you’re in them, is half the battle when it comes to clarity.

This will allow you to pause and pull yourself out of these moments faster, take them less seriously, and react to them less or run the risk of becoming even more stressed or anxious. Kind of like, Turner explains, “when you’re drunk and you know you’re drunk, or you’re angry and you know you’re angry— you still feel it, but you’re not victimized by it.”

It’s then when you can gently guide your brain to a calmer place and out of the red zone. Listen to the rest of Turner’s advice for staying clear-headed and free of distortions in 2021 and