2 NYC Chefs on the Devastating Impact of Covid-19 on the Food World


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Covid has crippled the food and hospitality industry in ways we’ll likely be feeling for years to come. In New York and other food-focused cities, sought-after chefs and talented kitchen staff are scrambling to get work as restaurants close and regular work dries up. And though we’ve seen some folks cheerfully pivot to pop-ups while their livelihoods hang in the balance, none of it is has been easy for anyone.

Here, Spark’s resident chef Carolina Santos-Neves has an honest conversation with New York City chefs Felipe Donnelly and Melissa Weller, a former chemical engineer turned James Beard Award-nominated baker who just published her cookbook A Good Bake, about how they’ve kept going during this difficult time. They discuss the ways they’ve shifted their work to simply stay afloat, work with other chefs, and feed hungry kids as unemployment and poverty rates skyrocket in America .

You can watch the full conversation here.

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