The Daily Dirtnap’s Jared Dillian on Joe Biden’s Ambitious Tax Plan: It’s Possible


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Will Joe Biden be able to raise taxes through his ambitious new plan when he takes office? The Daily Dirtnap’s Jared Dillian says it’s not impossible but isn’t so sure it will happen under a 50-50 senate, should Democrats win the Georgia runoffs. Watch him explain why in this clip from our Spark Disruptors session with him and Tematica Research’s Elle Hawkins in conversation with Spark’s Jim Wiandt.

Still, others argue, there are key aspects to Biden’s agenda that are bipartisan and may get more GOP support than we assume, including Made in America tax subsidies and increasing tax credit for working families with children.

Though Dillian’s Macroeocnomist co-panelist Elle Hawkins says she doesn’t think that economy will greatly improve with Biden taking over and with a vaccine, Dillian argues that with Pfizer and other companies’ vaccines developing and deploying at record rates, quick change may be more likely than we think.

Watch Hawkins and Dillian’s full panel, “The Election and Your Portfolio,” from our event on 11/11/20 here and stay tuned for more highlights on Spark.

This post is part of “Disruptors 2020 Election Week” on, in which we’re featuring highlights from our recent Spark Disruptors event that touched on Joe Biden’s historic win, its effect on the economy, and what it means for an America that has never been more ideologically divided and hobbled by inequity. Stay tuned for more highlights throughout the month of December.