“You Can’t Unring a Bell:” The Washington Post’s George Will on the GOP’s Burden to Bear


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Even today, as nearly two-thirds of House Republicans publicly put their support behind a baseless lawsuit asking the Supreme Court to overturn the election, other Republicans have accepted the results as the G.O.P’s burden to bear. Especially the Washington Post’s George Will, a conservative columnist and thought-leader, who tried to sound the alarm for Republicans that hitching their wagons to Trump for a second term would hand the election to Biden.

Here, in this audience Q&A from their Spark Disruptors keynote panel on the changing political and economic landscape of America, Will and Tematica Research’s Macroeconomist Elle Hawkins reflect more on what Trump’s defeat means for the country and the Republican party.

This post is part of “Disruptors 2020 Election Week” on Sparknetwork.com, in which we’re featuring highlights from our recent Spark Disruptors event that touch on Joe Biden’s historic win, its effect on the economy, and what it means for an America that has never been more ideologically divided and hobbled by inequity. Stay tuned for more highlights throughout the month of December.