George Will on the Unprecedented 2020 Election: Just Look at Weimar Germany


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The Washington Post’s George Will doesn’t necessarily see the historic 2020 election turn out, which was the highest voter turnout the country has seen since 1908, as a sign of national health. Will sees it more as an indicator that our sense of “national happiness” has been a casualty of high-stakes voting.

In this clip from Will and Tematica Research’s Elle Hawkins’ keynote panel , “The Times, They HAVE Changed,” moderated by Barry Ritholtz at our Spark Disruptors Conference in November, Will compares the state of American politics to the fascist takeover of the Weimar Republic.

You can watch the whole conversation between Will, Hawkins, and Ritholtz here and stay tuned for more coverage from Disruptors—featuring talks, performances, and captivating insight from people who are shaking things up in the worlds of politics, finance, business, music, and food.

This post is part of “Disruptors 2020 Election Week” on, in which we’re featuring highlights from our recent Spark Disruptors event that touched on Joe Biden’s historic win, its effect on the economy, and what it means for an America that has never been more ideologically divided and hobbled by inequity. Stay tuned for more highlights throughout the month of December.